Yes. The maximum load limit of your roof racks/bars refers to moving loads (dynamic), as opposed to static loads (when still). Your static load is usually 7-10 times that of your dynamic.  For example, if your dynamic load is 50kgs, then the static load is anywhere from 350-500kg.  

So when you set up camp, and your car is stationary, your car and racks can take the larger load of 1-2 people sleeping on the roof racks quite comfortably.

IMG B3C7941F87D8 1You just need two people to pick it up and put it on the car. Once on the roofers it will take a few minutes to secure the 4 brackets. That’s it!  If you go to our YouTube page you can watch a basic video showing how to install the Pod, click the link

*if you have a full roof rack you will need to let us know

No, it is designed to sit on the cross bars of the roof racks and it does not sit on the actual roof of your car at any point. You can adjust it as far forward on the roof as you need, so that it will never bump your boot on opening it.

No! We have zip panels along the side which seal the tent when travelling.

Store upright in your garage or storage container and the maximum depth would be 300mm, making it neat and slim against the wall. Otherwise create hoist bars and lift up to the roof of your carport or garage. you can even hang it on the wall

The roof and zip sides are made from 400g rip stop canvas. The side walls are made from a lighter 260g rip stop.  Then there is the outer pvc cover on the roof

The tent comes standard with a 2.6m ladder.  If you have a normal car, that will be too long so we can replace it with a 2m ladder. 

The ladder connects to the round tube of the tent and can be secured anywhere along the frame of the tent

The tent comes with a pvc cover which is fed along the front of the frame with rope channel.  You can replace your cover if it gets damaged on trips by thorns or the elements. 

The Pod’s also come with a back window awning with spring forms.

The RoofPod comes with one year limited warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects covering workmanship, or parts and materials which fail under normal use. The RoofPod will either replace or repair (at our discretion) the defective parts at no cost to the customer.

Warranty does not cover: UV damage, normal wear and tear, cosmetic blemishes occurring as a result of use (scratches, dents, discolouration to fabric), damage caused by the customer (misuse, accident, abuse), weather and storm damage.

If the product is shipped, we are not held responsible for any damages once a RoofPod has left our premises.

The RoofPod is not held liable for any damages to vehicles or accessories during fitment or use. Use of this product is at your own risk.

No refunds will be given once your order is placed and we have received the deposit.

Ripstop is a water repellant fabric.

Like anything made from fabric, maintenance is needed for the seam sealing.  So every 6months to a year, just coat all the seams in a waterproof wax and you are ready to go for the next camping season. 

The roofbars are ideal for surfboards, solar panels an other light weight items. Our maximum recommended weight on the top of the tent is 20-30kg733440b4 0b75 4e64 a2df 906a75089d4f